Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strange Orchard

Here are the names of seven young men whose recent deaths in Mississippi were too quickly called "suicides":

From the site :

Andre Jones (2/21/1993) in the Simpson County Jail
David Scott Campbell (10/9/1990) in Neshoba
Bobby Everette (2/1993) in Jackson
Cedrick Walker (7/1993) at Parchman

Two more cases found by our intrepid researcher:

Roy Veal (4/19/2004), in Woodville, Ms and (of course)
Fredrick Jermaine Carter (12/3/2010) in North Greenwood, Ms

We hope to detail the circumstances of each death in days to come.

Do you, the reader, know of other deaths that were too-hastily labelled "suicide"? Do you know anything about the "suicides" above? Just leave a comment. We will research it and will add your info to the postings.

If you would like your info added to a package of data that is going to the FBI, call the "Cold Case Justice Initiative" office at the University of Syracuse, 315.443.1870.

You can change the world, too.

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